"I got a second chance, I would like to pass that on..."


During the night of 26 August, Monique Strydom had a dream that she was going to be released. That she would return home, but with a calling to help others. The next morning she woke up to her 127th day of captivity in the jungles of Jolo. She spent the morning writing a business plan for a charity and later commented to her husband "I can now be released, I know now why had I had to be here". Four hours later the rebel leaders walked into the camp of the hostages and told Monique that she was free, that she was being released.
Upon her return to South Africa, she stayed true to that calling. She closed down her own business,  founded two charity trusts and is now spending her time helping those in need, ministering to those who are seeking and mobilizing many to make a difference.  

In 2002 Monique established Matla A Bana - A voice against child abuse, with the aim to help children who have been raped in South Africa.

Since the humble beginnings in a room in her house, Matla A Bana has grown to a national award-winning NGO helping more than 20 000 abused children every year. 


With the funds the Strydoms got for their book and their story, they founded the Strydom Trust at the end of 2000. Since then the Trust has supported many charities. 

More than R2 million in products, services and funding has been donated to the various charities ranging from individuals to cancer groups, to the elderly to children at risk.
Every year Monique donate many free talks to NGO's and worthy causes to assist them to raise funds. This year alone she has donated close to R 200 000 in free talks. 

The trust is also the sponsor of many of the ministry projects done by Monique Strydom. 

2013/14 PROJECTS
The Strydom Trust assisted with various causes during these two years, including Matla A Bana, shack fire victims in the Western Cape and MES action. More than R 120 000 were donated towards motivational talks to raise funds for various causes. 


More than R2 million was donated towards helping children in need with the Roman's Pizza Double Up Challenge. Ten community radio stations participated and close to 100 000 children in need assisted.  This project was the brain child of Monique and was kindly sponsored by Roman's Pizza during June and July 2012

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PIETER DE VILLIERS FOUNDATION Assisting with setting up of this NGO.
JELLYBEANZ Assisted with the setting up of this NGO.
I AM SPECIAL MINSTRIES Donation of funding and services.
OASIS HAVEN Raise funds for this AIDS orphan home.
ELESTINE JULIES   Securing a prosthesis for this young girl by raising funds. 

TSUNAMI PROJECT  Monique Strydom assisted with the Tsunami Gospel Tour, organized by Pastor Jannie Pelser, to raise funds for aid.  Monique was also actively involved in projects supporting the South African Foreign affairs team who worked on the Tsunami.

PARYS EPILEPSY CENTRE   The refurbishment of the all the living units at the centre.

PROJECT JESUS LIVES   Outreach projects during Easter and securing financial support for missionaries.

702 MOTHER’S DAY PROJECT   Secured & managed donations for various charities, using the appeal of a popular radio station. 

TRAINING  Training of educational staff to deal with traumatized children.

BEAUTIFORKIDS  Community project including mobilising students to run charity projects and awarding a to  bursary for a underprivileged student.

PRODUCTS  Product and funding sponsorship for several NGO's including, wheel chairs, 30 computers, house goods, clothing. NGO's include Aids orphanages, organizations for physically challenged, safe havens for women.  

LOBBYING  Lobbying for various causes including rights in informal settlements, child rape, plight of animals.




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