Meet the Monique

Monique Strydom is an avid adventurer who have traveled around the world. Among their many adventures are the capture of a shark on scuba for research purposes, being chased up into trees by black rhinos and hunting for lions. Their favourite adventure is scuba diving and on a diving holiday in in 2000 her  life took an unexpected turn.

During a diving holiday in Sipadan (Malaysia) she was kidnapped by Al Qaeda Rebels and taken to the remote Jolo Island in the Southern Philippines. Along, with 20 other hostages she survived a 4-month ordeal, where she faced death daily and many other challenges daily.

On the day of her release (unknowing that it was hours away), Monique committed her life to helping others in need. She have founded the Strydom Charity Trust and Matla A Bana - A voice against child abuse.

Monique is a popular international public speakers and their messages of hope and God’s miracles have been heard all over the world. In 2001 she witnessed another miracle, when son, Luc, was born. 

Monique also hosted her own inspirational TV shows - "Footprints" and "Monique"  and co-hosted a fun travel show called "Tasse en Matrasse"on Radio Tygerberg. She now resides in Cape Town where she runs Matla A Bana. 

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